Terms and Conditions

TelcoCentric Pty Ltd currently offers Australian businesses ‘savings audits’ on telecommunication bills free of charge. We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time. However, businesses will be notified of any charges before commencing an audit.

We will offer further billing analysis (free of charge) on bills following any changes such as removal of services, change of rate plan or change of telecommunication service provider which TelcoCentric Pty Ltd has organized. We commit to providing billing audits (free of charge) at regular predetermined intervals to businesses who have made changes to their telecommunications bills that TelcoCentric Pty Ltd has organised.

If a business takes any recommendations from TelcoCentric Pty Ltd to a third party and has that third party implement those recommendations without the prior consent of TelcoCentric Pty Ltd, this will result in a forfeit of all free services in the future.

May 2013