Telecommunication costs are a significant expense for most companies with phones, mobiles, internet and network services adding up to be one of the top operating expenses.

Because telco bills are often confusing and go on for page after page, most companies pay them without applying the diligence they do for other expenses. Unless you have an employee who is an industry insider like me, you will find it difficult to understand what you are paying for and why.

Here are the four ways I will save you money:

  1. Percent savings – in most cases I can save you 10-30% by identifying overpayments on out of date and ineffective plans.
  2. Amount of savings – if your company is like most, the amount of your total revenue dedicated to telecommunications is significant so any reduction in this expense goes directly to your bottom line.
  3. Length of savings – just a tiny billing error repeated monthly over a period of years can really add up. In addition to getting you a refund, I can also help you avoid this error in the future.
  4. Increasing expenses – your employees use of mobiles, mobile data, fixed internet downloads and conferencing may spike from time to time and you may be paying through the roof in excess charges. I can help avoid this.

If any of the following apply to your business, then I can definitely help you save money.

  • You have more than five phone lines
  • You spend more than $3,000 monthly
  • You get three or more telecommunication invoices
  • You have 10 or more mobiles
  • You have a sales or help desk
  • Your company grew fast over the last several years
  • Your company downsized in the last several years
  • You have moved or added offices

You can count on me to audit your bills to find errors and work with your telco providers to lock in future savings.