Dear Business Manager,

If you’re wondering if you are getting the best deal for your telco services or trying to decipher the often complicated bills you pay, then you’ve got to take advantage of my FREE Savings Audit  where I’ll pick apart even the most daunting bill and show you instant savings.
Hi, my name is Luke Mansfield and after many years of working directly with the biggest providers such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, I saw a need for businesses just like yours to get an independent consultation so you can match the best services with the best prices, avoid overcharges, increasing rates and anything on your bill that should not be there.
Unless you’re an expert with hands-on telco experience, you really can’t understand everything that’s on your bill or determine if you are getting value from the services you have. This is why I set out to offer for FREE a complete and thorough audit of all of your telco services to save you money.
Why is this service FREE?
It’s free because I’m a qualified telecommunications broker and the telecommunication companies pay me when I add, switch and consolidate services.
You most likely don’t have the time and training to analyse your bills or configure your services for the best savings. This is where I come in.
As soon as you upload, fax, email or mail me your current bills
I’ll immediately go to work to find for you:

•    Cost reduction savings

•    Forensic analysis of every charge
•    Charges correlated to existing plans
•    Double billing errors
•    Excess fees
•    Usage mistakes

40% of Telecommunication Bills Have Errors
Telco costs change frequently and unless you have my level of experience it becomes almost impossible to administer your services efficiently. Your employees may add devices and services and your company's usage patterns may change.  Unless your bill is constantly being optimised you are flat out losing money.
My company, TelcoCentric Pty Ltd, can deliver immediate savings for your telco services and protect you from bill shock and expense creep in the months ahead. All you have to do is send me your current bills. You can click on the menu above or here for a FREE Savings Audit and it will show you exactly what to do.
If you would like to call me first, just dial 08 7089 0718 now.

Yours to count on,
Luke Mansfield
TelcoCentric Pty Ltd

PS: Remember, your FREE Savings Audit costs you nothing. To start saving today on all of your telco services, click here or call 08 7089 0718 now!